A good day to digress.

Imagine yourself in Bali, in front of a swimming pool typing away on your laptop. The breeze blowing your clothes gently against your skin. Beside you, your coconut water and straw. A sip at a time.

Recently, I have been reading more about the digital nomadic lifestyle. Actually I have already fallen for the lifestyle. It looks cool and I love to give it a try.

Who are digital nomads?

They are (a type of people) that move from one place to another, working from anywhere in the world through the internet. You get the freedom to travel anywhere in the world and still work.

You don’t have to be a freelancer, you could also work normal 9–5 as a nomad. The difference is that you are location independent.

What I specifically like is the ability to work from anywhere. You don’t have to be in the office or even in the same city or continent.

Photo by ALi on Unsplash

You get to choose your schedule and work when you like. However, this is the hardest part of the nomadic lifestyle. The scheduling and actually doing the work and sustaining it for a long time without burning out.

Most people assume they can force in long hours at a time without adequately scheduling. This affects the quality of their work and in the long run, it affects their productivity.

You might think it’s not possible to work from anywhere but COVID-19 has shown us otherwise. There would be fewer jobs that would require you to be at a certain location going forward.

Want to give it a try?

Here are some resources I have been consuming

I am still looking to explore and learn more.

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