Red Flags

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  1. There is literally no asset backing. When you ask, what exactly are you investing in? You get a silent response or a long tale of jargon. It’s just some terms thrown up and down, nothing tangible.
  2. The deal is too good to be true: If it is, then it is. Any “investment” that seems like manna from heaven is probably “God’s Plan” for someone to rip you off. As the saying goes, if sound too good to be true, then it is probably too good to be true. And sorry to disappoint you, I can’t make double your money in 24 hours, if I could, I would rather borrow from you and pay you back later.
  3. There is affiliate marketing attached: Trust me that’s not an investment, it’s an affiliate or pyramid scheme. Put your money and get 2 people under you yadda… it’s not an investment. Call it what it is.
  4. Guaranteed returns or 100% risk-free: That must be a circus. Technically, except you’re the government then there is no investment that guarantees returns and 100% risk-free. Well, some governments have defaulted so it makes it not 100% guaranteed too.




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