What do writers do?

Muhammad Tahir
2 min readFeb 19, 2023

Writers don’t write, they give AI Prompts.

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It has been a long time since I wrote from scratch. The advent of ChatGPT has made me better at making prompts than writing. But what if making prompts was part of writing?

This AI thing makes me feel guilty, not scared. Guilty about calling myself a writer, but I don’t write. I only make prompts.

The other day, I saw a tweet that says (paraphrasing, btw) technology makes us more passive. The thing is, I totally agree. The other day, Sam and I were talking about AI. He mentioned a future where humans don’t do anything, literally.

He said that in the book, the author describes a future where a person doesn’t lift a finger. He gets his clothes changed and levitates to the barbing saloon. It is during the haircut that this person wakes up.

Take cars, for example; before the advent of cars, we used horses or carriages, which required our full attention. Now with self-autonomous cars, all we need to do is enter the car, which takes us to our destination with virtually no input from us. This example isn’t bad at all, except if you are a car fanatic, then by all means, you’d want to rev the engine up and do some drift.

This brings me down to ChatGPT; with it, I have yet to write a single article since then. I’ve written most halfway, then remember that I can simply use AI to complete it by giving it prompts.

What I fear is that I will soon be unable to start writing from scratch (read as a blank page), which I somehow believe is my hallmark when writing.

I do hope you see my fear, but despite this fear — which, to be honest, is irrational or as rational as those who said the internet was simply a fad that would pass or that the internet is taking away jobs — I intend to use this tool to the best of my abilities, because that’s what it is, a tool to be utilized.

To rationalize my choice and allay my fear, I’ve concluded that since I have been using other tools, albeit not as intelligent as ChatGPT, such as Grammarly, Language tool etc., to write, so what’s another tool added to my toolbox?

Why am I writing this? To prove to myself that I can still write from scratch. lol 😂😂

btw, if you’ve watched the series black mirror, you should understand better.



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